(Video) Boxer gets slapped after an unsolicited kiss during face offs, scuffle breaks out

Most MMA fans are familiar with the infamous confrontation between Heath Herring and Yoshiro Nakao. In the golden age of MMA, Nakao kissed his opponent during the face offs in the ring. At which point Nakao got knocked out with a single strike from Herring – before their bout even started.

To this day this is an unbelievable moment and a priceless entry in the history of MMA.

But sadly this isn’t the only time something like this had transpired.

A while back a similar situation happened in boxing – and this wasn’t some amateur hour either. It happened during a WBO world title bout between Ewa Brodnicka and Edith Soledad Matthysse.

Super featherweight champion Brodnicka, 35, was defending her title in her native Poland.

At the controversial weigh ins, the champ planted a kiss on her challenger in an attempt to wind her up. Some say this tactic worked all too well – considering Matthysse was quick to slap Brodnicka right on her face.

But what followed was a further escalation and a scuffle broke out between the pair.

More hits were thrown before the two were separated.

The promoter in charge was forced to intervene having initially burst into laughter at the sight of the kiss.

When the actual time to box came, Brodnicka was able to edge out a win via split decision with refs judging the contest: Jose Ignacio Martinez Antunez 96-94 Matteo Montella 97-93 Manuel Oliver Palomo 95-96.

Brodnicka would go on to have two more wins and one loss in the time since the infamous weigh in scuffle.

As for Edith, she had a rockier road since having won 17, lost 13 and had one draw.

MMA fans recently revisited this incident with some funny reactions.

“She liked it, that’s why the right hook was so weak” one onlooker commented with another piping in: “Well the background guys certainly did enjoy it”