(Video) Boxer breaks comedian’s rib with body shot just 11 seconds into challenge

In a surprising turn of events, Australian comedian Tommy Little found himself knocked out in just 11 seconds by professional boxer Tim Tszyu.

Little’s ambitious idea of a kebab boxing match didn’t quite go as planned. During the match, he would consume kebabs in between rounds and compete against potential future world champion Tszyu.

However, his hope to enjoy kebabs while facing off against Tszyu was short-lived. Within the first round, Tszyu delivered two powerful body shots that swiftly brought Little down to the canvas. The bout eventually had to be waved off, and it concluded in a mere 11 seconds.

In the aftermath of his quick defeat, Little managed to maintain his sense of humor. He jokingly remarked, “I’m going to leave the judges out of it and award you the win.” He acknowledged Tszyu’s undeniable skill and dominance in the ring.

However, the comedian soon discovered that the consequences of the body shots he endured were more severe than he initially anticipated. He shared, “I can’t cough, sneeze, burp, fart, have sex, breathe deeply so I went to get a scan.”

The results revealed that his lung had not collapsed, but he had suffered a broken rib. He stated: “Great news, lung not collapsed. My rib is broken – I heard it crack when he hit me.”

As for Tszyu, he currently holds the WBO interim world title and is scheduled to compete against Carlos Ocampo on June 18. Recently, Tszyu faced an unexpected hurdle when he was bitten by a dog and required emergency surgery. However, it seems that he has made a remarkable recovery and the match will proceed as planned.

If Tszyu manages to emerge victorious from his upcoming match against Ocampo, he is expected to face Jermell Charlo for the undisputed super welterweight world title before the year concludes.