(Video) Boxer angrily shoves referee after crushing knockout defeat

In a surprising turn of events, Fabio Wardley successfully defended his British heavyweight title in a sensational seventh-round stoppage win. The match took place on the undercard of the Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In the seventh round, Dillian Whyte’s protege defeated his opponent with a beautiful hook before finishing the match with a barrage of follow-up punches. This victory marked a significant milestone in Wardley’s career, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division.

Adeleye was still upright and attempting to defend himself. But he didn’t seem to be in a fit enough position to go on.

In response to the stoppage, Adeleye shoved the referee and gave him a body hit. He thought that the official had denied him the opportunity to pull off an incredible comeback.

From the opening bell, both Wardley and Adeleye wasted no time in exchanging heavy shots. Adeleye landed a powerful punch in the early rounds, garnering reactions from the crowd inside the Boulevard Hall stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In round two, the 26-year-old maintained his impressive power shot game and capitalized on his strong first-round performance by constantly jabbing his opponent.

However, Wardley showcased remarkable resilience. He responded with precision, emphasizing that he would not easily relinquish his British belt. Wardley delivered the best blow of the bout at the end of the second round.

Tensions flared in the ring during the third frame, prompting a momentary pause as the referee intervened. Adeleye’s attempt to escape a clinch position led to a warning after he pushed his forearm into Wardley’s chin.

As the match progressed, Wardley’s dominance became increasingly apparent. Rounds four and five saw Wardley skillfully combining his shots, seizing control of the bout.

Adeleye faced a critical moment when he absorbed a solid punch from Wardley. However, he managed to persevere and push himself into the seventh round.

Post-bout, David Adeleye’s initial frustration towards the referee’s decision evolved into a candid evaluation of his own performance. Adeleye has to tend to his wounds before going back into the ring to begin his path back to recovery, while Wardley will move on to another significant bout.