(Video) Big fella takes a puff from his cig and starts handing out CRAZY lefts

Fight Circus 9, a recent spectacle from the renowned mixed martial arts promotion, showcased not only fierce competition but also unexpected moments of amusement. Among the highlights was the formidable athlete, Blobtang, whose unconventional tactics left the audience both astonished and entertained.

Fight Circus has carved its niche in the realm of combat sports by delivering eccentric and offbeat entertainment. Unlike traditional promotions, Fight Circus thrives on absurd matchups and unconventional twists, injecting humor into the arena of combat sports.

The event, held on March 23 in Thailand, featured an array of combat sports, including muay thai, boxing, and kickboxing. Each match was meticulously curated to maximize entertainment value, with matches like Dil*o Tag Team Matches, Midget Brawl, and 3-on-1 Muay Thai bouts pushing the boundaries of conventional sports entertainment.

Amidst the spectacle, a muay thai showdown between Blobtang and Kwanchai emerged as a highlight. While lacking any extraordinary stipulations, the match showcased Blobtang’s larger-than-life persona and undeniable skill.

The encounter commenced with both athletes engaging in a fierce exchange, captivating the audience with their prowess. However, it was Blobtang who gradually asserted his dominance, capitalizing on his opponent’s fatigue to secure victory effortlessly.

In a moment that encapsulated the event’s unconventional spirit, Blobtang nonchalantly lit a cig between rounds, adding an unexpected twist to the proceedings. Undeterred by his unconventional behavior, Blobtang unleashed a barrage of punches upon Kwanchai, ultimately delivering a knockout blow that reverberated through the arena.

The viral clip of Blobtang’s unorthodox victory spread like wildfire across social media platforms, further solidifying Fight Circus’s reputation for delivering unparalleled entertainment.