(Video) Bellator champ gets into a heated confrontation with a prankster at a Home Depot store

In a surprising turn of events, Bellator Middleweight Champion Johnny Eblen found himself in the midst of a heated confrontation with a prankster at a Home Depot store in Florida. As Eblen gears up for his upcoming clash against 2023 PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Impa Kasanganay at PFL vs. Bellator this weekend in Riyadh, the incident has sparked significant attention.

Eblen, renowned for his prowess inside the cage, recently defended his Bellator middleweight title against Fabian Edwards at Bellator 299, solidifying his status as one of the world’s elite fighters. With victories over formidable opponents such as Gegard Mousasi and Anatoly Tokov, Eblen’s dominance in the Bellator arena has drawn admiration, with calls from figures like UFC commentator Joe Rogan for his inclusion in the UFC ranks.

However, ahead of his upcoming bout, Eblen found himself embroiled in a tense exchange at a local Home Depot, orchestrated as part of a prank by his manager, Brian Butler-Au. The encounter, captured on video and shared online, showcased the prank unfolding, involving content creator ImReddttv.

ImReddttv, known for his previous pranks involving prominent figures like former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill, orchestrated the prank under the watchful eye of Butler-Au. Fortunately, amidst the escalating tension, Eblen demonstrated composure, diffusing the situation with a level head.

Reacting to the prank, Dan Lambert, founder of American Top Team (ATT), humorously urged caution, urging restraint in light of potential repercussions. Lambert’s remarks highlight the seriousness of the situation, emphasizing the need to prioritize Eblen’s safety and well-being.

As Eblen readies himself for another high-stakes bout in Riyadh, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for pranksters, underscoring the importance of exercising discretion and respect. With Eblen’s focus squarely on his upcoming fight, it’s evident that distractions, including well-intentioned pranks, are best avoided in the lead-up to such pivotal moments in his career.