(Video) Bare knuckle boxer faints in the ring during count down, face plants

Combat sports athletes getting knocked out in the arena is a fairly very common thing. Them passing out during the count down – less so.

The delayed unconsciousness during a recent bare knuckle boxing event produced some very unsettling footage.

Bare knuckle boxing promotion GROMDA recently held one of their major events on Friday, December 2. The Poland-based promotion featured a pretty exciting and brutal matchup at GROMDA 11. They featured three match ups which two of them ended in a pretty unusual way.

One of the matches that caught fans’ attention was the Marcin Wasilewski vs Mariusz Kruczek. The showdown seemed fine except for one moment in the first round where Wasilewski got knocked down. However, the knockdown was pretty unusual. Wasilewski was exchanging blows with Kruczek and everything was fine. Then, all of a sudden, Wasilewski lost his balance and fell to the canvas.

The referee started counting as Wasilewski tried to get back on his feet. He managed to stand up and continue. He successfully knocked out Kruczek early in the fourth round, marking his 4th win.

That wasn’t the only memorable thing at the event. The headliner between Bartłomiej Domalik and Łukasz Parobiec also gained a lot of fans’ attention. In the fifth round of their heavyweight title bout, the challenger Parobiec was hit pretty badly and was half conscious.

The ref halted the match and checked on Parobiec. At this moment, Parobiec slowly lost his consciousness and fell to the canvas. He was completely fainted and rendered unable to continue. The way he slowly falls attracts combat sports fans hoping that Parobiec is alright.

Domalik was announced as the victor via TKO, marking another win for his retirement bout. He retired with no losses, having 6 wins and 1 draw.