(Video) Backyard event features Girl who blasts male opponent with a knee to the liver

Backyard events are no joke – they’ve produced one of the biggest UFC stars today in Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal was known for his nasty boxing and would do rounds in various Florida backyards prior to making it into the UFC.

Besides Masvidal there was also Kimbo Slice along with many other minor names. But Backyard promotions are no strangers to stunt casting.

Streetbeefs Scrapyard is a sanctioned promotion despite the eccentric looking name and setting and they recently matched a trained girl against a novice male in one of their events.

The girl goes by pseudonym Gash and was facing a man by the name Matthew Taylor whose pseudonym is Dad.

From the get go Elizabeth appeared to have the advantage. She was relying heavily on a low kick strategy showcasing that she indeed is informed when it comes to MMA. Low kicks are devastating especially against an opponent that refuses or doesn’t know how to check them.

The very second low kick landed on the side of his knee and floored him. The two were wearing boxing gloves as opposed to MMA signaling a different kind of ruleset. Perhaps kickboxing.

She proceeded to even land some body kicks visibly shaking up the so called Dad. While she did get cornered at one point mid round she managed to clinch up and land devastating knees from there.

Those low kicks were consistently the biggest advantage she had in the bout. She was cautious with the striking and wouldn’t lose composure when crowded. Meanwhile each kick was getting to the guy.

And she even landed several heavy blows to his head once he lost his composure due to kicking.

At which point she landed a body kick and followed up with a devastating knee to the liver rendering him unable to continue.