(Video) Astrid Wett accepts bet, will make embarrassing name change if she loses boxing match to AJ Bunker

The upcoming boxing match between OnlyFans model Astrid Wett and Love Island star AJ Bunker at KSI’s Misfits 005 event is creating quite a buzz. But, what’s more interesting is the bet they have made ahead of their match.

The two rivals have agreed to change their names across all their social media channels to an embarrassing nickname chosen by the winner if they lose the match. This fun bet was proposed by AJ, who seems very confident of winning the match.

During the pre-match press conference, AJ proposed the bet to Astrid and said,

“So if I beat you, you have to change all your names on social media to Astrid Wett wipe. You can change my name on socials if you win.”

Astrid accepted the bet, but on one condition: if AJ loses, she has to go by the name “AJ Flunker.”

The two rivals shook hands in front of everyone to make the bet official. It’s interesting to see how both women are putting their reputation on the line for this fun bet.

Astrid, who is looking to complete her boxing hat-trick, is also eyeing a boxing bout against fellow OnlyFans star Elle Brooke.

The online platform has been a great opportunity for models to showcase their talent, and Astrid is no exception. With her impressive boxing skills, she is sure to give tough competition to her opponents.

Wett was previously ridiculed for cringy trash talking skills but that’s not changed much from her previous outing.

Misfits Boxing 5 headlined by Swingler and Perrett will take place at the Telford International Centre on Saturday March 4. The card will begin at 6pm in the UK with the broadcast beginning at that point featuring a whole range of influencers on a stacked undercard. It is expected that the main event boxers will make their ring walk at around 9:30pm on domestic shores with the boxing unfolding at around 9:45pm.