(Video) Ariel Helwani just asked UFC’s Payton Talbott if he was gay in the slickest way possible

In a recent interview after Payton Talbott’s impressive victory over Cameron Saaiman at UFC Vegas 89, renowned MMA journalist Ariel Helwani managed to inquire about Talbott’s sexuality in a smooth and subtle manner.

As the interview began, Helwani complimented Talbott’s new hairstyle, mentioning that some fighters had received comments that their previous bald look was “scary.” Talbott acknowledged that in his case, some female fans preferred his current hairstyle over being completely bald.

Seizing the opportunity, Helwani deftly pivoted the conversation, asking, “What do the guys say about your hair? Do they also prefer this style?”

While the question may seem innocuous on the surface, astute observers recognized Helwani’s sly attempt to gauge Talbott’s interest in men without directly asking about his sexual orientation.

Talbott, seemingly unfazed, responded with a friendly laugh and proceeded to discuss his fighting career and future goals in the UFC.

Neither Helwani nor Talbott explicitly addressed the implication behind the question, leaving viewers to speculate about Talbott’s personal life.

This exchange exemplifies Helwani’s journalistic prowess and ability to broach sensitive topics with tact and finesse, allowing the subjects to respond candidly or deflect as they see fit.