(Video) Anthony Joshua KOs stand-in rival Robert Helenius with devastating right hand

In a remarkable turn of events, Anthony Joshua managed to reignite the excitement of his loyal fans with a trademark right-hand punch that shattered the prevailing sense of monotony.

This spectacular display not only breathed life into his career but also salvaged the much-anticipated $80 million clash against Deontay Wilder, originally scheduled for January in Saudi Arabia.

With the efficacy of a true professional, Joshua executed his strike flawlessly and defeated his opponent Robert Helenius in the seventh round at the 02 Arena. This achievement marked Joshua’s first knockout triumph in three years and only the second since 2018, offering a much-needed reminder of his prowess.

Confident in his abilities, Joshua entertains the notion of securing a third world heavyweight title.

In the fifth round, Joshua elevated the crowd’s involvement with a left hook that staggered Helenius. But Joshua struggled to fully assert his supremacy. The ensuing sixth round played out like a calculated game of cat and mouse.

Finally in the seventh round, Joshua delivered what the audience had eagerly awaited— a resounding right-hand blow that connected with Helenius as he found himself trapped against the ropes. Helenius became the 26th person to experience defeat at Joshua’s hands, and eventually managed to rise from the canvas.

When asked about whether the pressure of replicating Wilder’s first-round knockout weighed on him, Joshua offered a candid response: “I think people need to leave me alone. It’s my time in the ring. This is my moment.”

“It’s a fickle sport, you’ve got to be real about this industry and not get caught up. I’ve done my job.”

Talking about Helenius, Wilder stated: “The guy has talent. I had to figure him out. I think he can cause a lot of people problems but I don’t want to say too much. Hopefully I see you again. I need to stay busy.”

Addressing the impending bout with Wilder, Joshua said: “I’ve got a back issue. My back is gone because I have to carry this heavyweight division to the top.”