(Video) Andrew Tate’s former promotion stages bouts between influencers with a 100lbs size difference

A Romanian MMA Organization recently shared a video that has sparked a debate in the MMA community.

RXF staged an event. The video shows two women that have a huge weight difference competing against each other in MMA.

The weight difference between the two athletes is vast.

Timisoara influencer Ruxandra Ailenei was matched with Dedu Tatiana who also goes by ‘Final Boss’.

The smaller woman is clearly more skilled. She is landing the cleaner shots in the exchange. Despite this, the bigger opponent continues to move forward. Because of her size, the strikes don’t affect her nearly as much.

Fans online are unhappy that this bout was allowed to go ahead. They are criticizing the organization as a whole.

“This is not sports!”

“What kind of federation is this?”

Weight classes play a crucial role in MMA. They help with fairness and balancing skills of competitors. That being said, cross-weight matchups are always interesting given their unpredictable nature. They are typically very rare.

The bout ended up going the distance and  Ruxandra was chosen as the winner by the judges.  Tatiana (the heavy set gal) was terribly angry at the results of the contest.

“I fought for my sister, I fought to give her a good future. I didn’t fight for you haters and that’s it. I fought for my sister because I was a troubled child. She told me that she is not disappointed in me because I gave my best, I gave it my all. To take that many punches and not fall, that’s what it means to be a champion. Not the one who lies that she didn’t box, but she did. That means a real man. The one standing, that’s the trickiest. God didn’t want me to win, that was fate. ” said Tatiana Final Boss in a Tiktok live.

Though we should emphasize that RFX even declared one of these the contest of the year.

The lighter athlete typically has the speed advantage, with the larger athlete packing more power. This makes for very entertaining events.

Andrew Tate was once the champion of RFX and had even involved the promotion in his viral masculinity Work shop ‘war room’. 

The question is, should these events between weight classes be legal?

Khamzat Chimaev famously missed weight for UFC 279, and him weighing in for a bout at 170lbs at 178lbs became an issue – an athletic commission likely wouldn’t have sanctioned him competing against Nate Diaz even if Diaz had accepted the handicap. This caused a major reshuffle on the card in which Chimaev ended up facing Kevin Holland – who was to weigh in at 180lbs for his now cancelled bout against Daniel Rodriguez.

Early on in UFC history, there were no weight categories so we could see some huge mismatches in terms of size. As the sport grew and became legitimized this kind of contest became frowned upon.