(Video) Amazing cageside view of Israel Adesanya’s KO over Alex Pereira

In a highly anticipated UFC 287 main event, Israel Adesanya took on Alex Pereira for the fourth time. The two, who had a longstanding rivalry, were competing for the middleweight title.

Adesanya had previously been defeated by Pereira three times, but this time around, fate was on his side.

In a fierce clash that had fans on the edge of their seats, Adesanya ultimately emerged victorious, successfully knocking out Pereira in the final minute of the second round.

This was a sweet victory for Adesanya, who was able to reclaim the middleweight belt that he had lost just a few months prior.

In the aftermath of the bout, one UFC fan posted a unique angle of the match on Twitter. The footage was captured from a seat in the audience located behind Pereira.

While official cameras offer high-resolution footage of the finish, watching it from a crowd perspective provides a different and unique viewing experience. Fans were able to witness the action from a different vantage point and feel the energy and excitement of the moment.

During, Adesanya found himself in a corner and was getting pummeled by Pereira. Many believed that the  bout was over for Adesanya, but he was able to find a small opening to deliver two powerful right hands that ultimately led to Pereira’s knockout.

Fans took to social media to express their awe at Adesanya’s impressive