(Video) Alternative angle of Tsarukyan’s clash with fan plus, Tsarukyan explains why he went haywire

Arman Tsarukyan recently made headlines not just for his remarkable performance against Charles Oliveira at UFC 300 but also for an unexpected altercation with a fan during his walkout.

This incident caught the attention of many and left fans speculating about the circumstances surrounding Tsarukyan’s actions.

During his entrance to the octagon before his much-anticipated match with Charles Oliveira, Arman Tsarukyan found himself in an unexpected situation. During the walk out, he halted momentarily near a fan. He swiftly swung towards them before continuing his stride with a grin on his face. This scene was captured on video, and was quickly circulated across social media platforms.

Arman Tsarukyan performed well in his matchup with Charles Oliveira. With ground and pound, he defeated the former champion at his own game.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on YouTube, Tsarukyan shed light on the incident. He offered his insight into what prompted his reaction.

Reflecting on the moment, Tsarukyan stated: “I don’t know how I saw that guy that’s crazy like…This time the f*ck was like here you know, like on my head. And I wanted to like grab his hand and break his finger”

Arman Tsarukyan drew attention to the fact that he only made the gesture of a punch rather than really striking the fan. The fan was really scared by what he did, which was intended to frighten him. Tsarukyan said that he felt like break the fan’s fingers for making inappropriate gestures.

During the conversation, Tsarukyan also spoke about his decision to decline a championship match.

He stated: “I want to be ready and I want to have a full training camp. Why if I’m the No. 1 contender, why I gotta take the risk?”

According to him, seven weeks is short notice for a championship match. The Armenian had already faced Islam Makhachev in the early stages of his career and had been defeated. He will want to prepare thoroughly this time and have a full training camp before facing the champion, most likely later in the year.