(Video) Alex Pereira TKOs Adesanya in 5th round of UFC 281

Israel Adesanya took the measured approach in his clash with kickboxing foe Alex Pereira. PEreira and Adesanya initially had a kickboxing bout more or less – at which point Adesanya started utilizing the clinch and even landed several takedowns.

By all accounts he was 3-1 heading into the fifth round.

In an ironic twist, it was a calf kick that did Adesanya in. Through out the match, Adesanya was throwing calf kicks however in the fifth Alex checked one for the first time and actually did something to Adesanya’s leg.

Adesanya either hurt his leg or tripped and ended up doing a back roll. He was soon crowded by Pereira who packs on tremendous power in really short strikes.

After a couple of strikes referee stepped in and let wobbled Adesanya recover – without his title.

Alex Pereira becomes the second-least experienced UFC champion of the modern era, only behind Brock Lesnar.