(Video) Aleksander Emelianenko got his rematch with Datsik at Hardcore Boxing conference

Sometimes it’s fun to watch a villain on villain story unfold. Earlier last month Datsik knocked out Alexander Emelianenko in 13 seconds.

Vyacheslav Datsik is a controversial mixed martial artist and boxer from Russia. His MMA stats are not good, as he lost nine in his career and won only 6. His kickboxing record is good, where he earned six victories in 8 boxing matches.

Datsik had many issues during his career. He went to jail under the charges of robbery of mobile phone shops in 2007. He broke the cell and escaped from the cell, and illegally moved to Norway.


Norway authorities caught him and put him in jail. Norway deported Vyacheslav Datsik in 2011. Russian Police detained him after that. He was released from a 9-year-long sentence in 2016. Datsik is an extremist in his beliefs and participated in many extremist movements throughout his life.

His opponent Alexander Emelianenko is also a controversial figure. He has an excellent MMA record with 28 wins and nine losses. He also took part in Bare Knuckle Boxing and Professional boxing.

Emelianenko also spent some time in prison,

The rivalry between Emelianenko and Datsik is not new. They threatened each other on Federal TV 12 years ago, and the match was due since then.