(Video) AJ Bunker makes a move to lick her opponent during contentious face offs at Misfits 009

The weigh-ins for Misfits 009 had Love Island star AJ Bunker attempt to steal the spotlight in a rather unusual manner.

As the two wannabe boxers, AJ Bunker and Little Bellsy, came face to face for their final stare-down, things took a steamy and controversial twist.

Bunker, who is set to compete against Bellsy for the women’s middleweight title at Misfits Boxing’s Newcastle card, made an unexpected move. In what can only be described as an awkward moment, Bunker appeared to attempt to either blow a kiss or, even more bizarrely, lick her boxing rival, Little Bellsy.

The incident added a touch of unexpected drama to an already intense press conference held the day before. Bunker, who recently went the distance in a closely contested decision loss to Astrid Wett, and Bellsy, who secured a victory over Lil Kymchii, both weighed in on target for their title bout. Bunker tipped the scales at just under 120 pounds, while Bellsy registered just under 122 pounds.

Despite the peculiar weigh-in antics, the two maintained a level of respect as they donned skimpy bikinis for the ceremonial weigh-in. Following the incident, Bellsy confidently stated, “I think there’s a brand new queen in the house. I’ve been training very hard for this, so I know that she’s not going to be able to keep up with me. I’m on another level, and I’ve got a lethal jab she won’t get past. She knows it, and she’s nervous right now.”

In response, Bunker countered Bellsy’s claims, suggesting that her opponent had struggled to make the required weight for their fight. Bunker emphasized that she had trained rigorously and was well-prepared, contrasting it with Bellsy, who allegedly had to resort to wearing sweatsuits to meet the weight requirement. Bunker remained confident in her readiness for the fight, stating, “I’m relaxed, chilled, ready to go, and I’m just glad she’s made weight. I’m ready to get it; she came from Down Under to get put under.”