(Video) Adin Ross takes Alex Perira’s bodyshot challenge

Renowned streamer Adin Ross recently engaged in a lighthearted yet memorable encounter with UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. Their antics included a body shot challenge, eliciting amusing reactions from Ross.

Adin Ross, a prominent figure in the streaming and social media sphere, continues to ascend in popularity, particularly with his focus on combat sports content. At 23 years old, Ross centers much of his content around combat sports, notably his own boxing event titled ‘Brand Risk Boxing,’ which features emerging influencers and content creators. Speculations abound regarding Ross’s potential participation in the ring, with rumors circulating about potential matchups against fellow influencers.

In a recent live streaming session, Ross welcomed UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira into his studio. Assisted by a translator, the duo engaged in discussions revolving around the realm of combat sports and Pereira’s personal journey. Amidst their conversation, they decided to inject some amusement into the proceedings by partaking in the renowned body shot challenge.

The body shot challenge entails a participant donning protective gear and absorbing a punch from another individual, often a notable combat sports athlete. Notable figures such as Francis Ngannou and Ryan Garcia have previously taken part in this light-hearted challenge.

Adin Ross eagerly donned the protective gear, albeit with apprehension evident as Pereira prepared to deliver the blow. Despite initial hesitation, Ross found himself on the receiving end of Pereira’s punch, resulting in an unexpected yelp of pain. Pereira, displaying restraint, disclosed that he had utilized a mere fraction of his power, further adding to the amusement of the moment.

Following the lighthearted exchange, the trio resumed their stream, with Ross reflecting on the encounter amidst shared laughter.

Alex Pereira’s recent victory in the octagon, securing the vacant light heavyweight belt by defeating Jiri Prochazka, underscores his prowess in the realm of mixed martial arts. Scheduled to face Jamahal Hill in the headline event of UFC 300 in April, Pereira continues to captivate audiences with his remarkable skill set.