(Video) Adesanya Fake Pees In Cage – Censored UFC Celebration Resurfaces

UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is quite the showman in the octagon, from his noteworthy performances to his incredible dance moves, the Champion is not only an MMA fighter as he is also an entertainer.

One of his noteworthy celebrations happened at his UFC debut, where, after making easy work of Rob Wilkinson in the second round, Adesanya pretended to pee on stage to, in his own words, ‘mark his territory’.

In an interview to Submission Radio, the now champion explained this ‘unusual’ celebration:

“I’m the new dog in the yard, and I just pissed all over the place,” Adesanya said.

“Came in the cage, pissed everywhere. I know dogs, when they’re dominant; when a dog walks into a dog park – head high, tail high, and just kinda pees all over the place to mark his territory. And let them know, ‘that’s my spot’. That’s how dogs communicate with body language, so I just pissed all over the place.”

Adesanya had been told that the brass never wanted to see him do it again:

“‘They told my manager that, ‘We handle a lot of sponsors, millions of dollars in sponsors. So for him to pretend to be with his d**k out and shaking it after he pees as well or whatever, it’s not really a good look.’ For me, how I see it is, f**k, what are the sponsors worried about: Me pretending to whip an imaginary d**k out and pee everywhere to mark my territory or just watching me just beat the f**k out of a dude? I don’t know what kind of game these sponsors are playing or whatever, but for me, I just have to make a statement. Any top dog would do it. My stench is still there. Whenever I get back into the cage, I’m sure I’ll smell it.”


But Adsanya hasn’t been entirely sponsor friendly lately – he notably humped Paulo Costa during the finishing sequence of their title fight.


The UFC has had its’ share of ‘kind of gross’ celebrations in the past.

Way back in the day, Lightweight Champion BJ Penn made it a thing to celebrate his victories by licking the blood off of his hloves:

Or the time Michael Bisping showed little class when he celebrated by spitting in his opponents corner:

But of all the gross celebrations in UFC history, the best/worst has to be Tai Tuivasa’s shoey: