(Video) ADCC phenom Gordon Ryan grapples 335lbs strongman Thor Bjornsson

The 2018 World’s Strongest Man, ‘The Mountain’ Thor Bjornsson recently announced his retirement from boxing. Bjornsson became a household name thanks to a stint on the worldwide hit show Game of Thrones and has since tried to capitalize on his infamy.

Despite Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury being interested in a boxing match up with Bjornsson – he decided to retire. He revealed this revelation on his youtube channel:

“I’ll admit there was a time when there was talks between Tyson Fury and I, his team and my team, there was build-up but that never went through.”

“Now I’ve made a hard decision and the reason why it took me so long to make this video was because this is actually a very difficult thing to talk about.”

“I’ve made a decision to move on from boxing, to not compete in boxing again, to say goodbye to boxing and just not fight again.”

Bjornsson plans to shatter the world record he established in 2019 by tossing a 25 kg weight over a 20-foot tall bar and return to strong man competition.

But he had an interesting encounter recently – he got the chance to grapple ADCC gold medalist Gordon Ryan.

Ryan is monstrous in stature – but still pales compared to Bjornsson.

Bjornsson stands at 6”9 with 335lb – meanwhile Ryan is just 6”2 with 220lb.

Bjornsson is not afraid to test himself. He famously ended up filming a viral clip of himself rolling with Conor McGregor back in 2016 – but later expressed regret about the stunt.

Here’s what he said during an appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast :

“It was cool, I had a lot of fun. There was a time where I had a grab of him where I thought, ‘I can crush this guy.’ But he had a fight against Aldo I think a week later, so I was like, ‘I better be nice to him because I don’t wanna injure him right now. He’s about to have the biggest fight of his life right now. It’s gonna be a huge fight for him.’ That fight actually sent him to the moon, basically. He should thank me and probably pay me a bit for [not crushing him].”

Ryan is set to compete against Nick Rodriguez today on UFC’s Grappling invitational 3. In the co-main event Bia Mesquita will be taking on former UFC champion Miesha Tate.

Besides these two events, the card features an 8 men tournament for $25,000 prize.