(Video) Activist gets into a hilarious row with woke spectator after Lia Thomas wins NCAA title

Lia Thomas is one of the biggest stories in sport this week. The athlete, formerly known as Will Thomas competed for years in the men’s division but has since transitioned.

Thanks to the lax NCAA rules Thomas was permitted to compete alongside the women. This failure to adapt the rules resulted in Thomas winning the 500 yard NCAA title with Olympic silver medalist Emma Weyant coming in second. Some observers, including athlete Caitlyn Jenner believe Thomas was trying to curtail the athletic abilities and win by a reasonable margin after the whole world was outraged when she lapped the women’s division earlier this year.

An activist of Standing for Women was present at the venue when Thomas, 22, became a champion and engaged another observer in the following hilarious exchange:

‘Is he the same as the other girls in the pool?’

The man replies: ‘Every body is different.’

Keen says: ‘No. Are you saying he doesn’t have male organs? I’m a woman – that is not a woman. Do you have ovaries?’

‘I’m a woman, and that is not a woman.’

The man counters: ‘Let me ask you, are you a biologist?’

Keen replies: ‘Oh my God – don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is.’

The whole exchange was captured on video: