(Video) 46 year old UFC vet Aleksei Oleinik won his boxing debut

Renowned UFC veteran Aleksei Oleinik, known for his storied career in mixed martial arts, made a remarkable transition as he stepped into the boxing ring for his debut at the age of 46. The Ukrainian athlete displayed his combat prowess by securing a victory via technical knockout in the first round of his boxing debut.

Oleinik’s legacy in the world of combat sports spans back to 1996 when he made his professional MMA debut. Throughout his journey, he predominantly competed in the heavyweight division, making a lasting mark within various promotions before joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2014.

Possessing an impressive skill set in sambo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Oleinik gained widespread recognition as a masterful submission specialist. His ability to secure submissions against formidable opponents contributed to his reputation in the MMA realm. Notably, he achieved victories over notable contenders such as Travis Browne, Mark Hunt, and Fabrício Werdum, showcasing his dominance within the octagon.

Moreover, Oleinik’s uniqueness shone as he executed the rare Ezekiel choke submission, a feat he accomplished twice against Viktor Pesta and Junior Albini. His captivating performances within the UFC earned him a total of five Performance of the Night bonuses, further underscoring his impact on the sport.

After concluding his UFC contract in October of the previous year, Oleinik ventured beyond the promotion. He participated in the REN TV Fight Club event in Moscow, where he faced fellow UFC athlete Oli Thompson and experienced a knockout loss in the first round.

Amidst speculations regarding his potential return to MMA, Oleinik surprised fans by embracing a new challenge – stepping into the boxing arena. Despite his advanced age, the determined ‘The Boa Constrictor’ showcased an unwavering commitment to combat sports.

In his boxing debut held in Kazan, Russia, Oleinik took on fellow debutant Tagir Dzoblaev. Despite his reputation as a grappling phenom, Oleinik unveiled an unexpected facet of his skill set – impressive boxing abilities.


As the opening bell rang, both fighters immediately engaged in an intense exchange of blows, showcasing their determination. Swiftly emerging as the superior boxer, Oleinik unleashed a dynamic display of aggression and precision, outshining his opponent.

During the first round, Oleinik’s strategic prowess materialized as he launched a potent one-two combo that found its mark on Dzoblaev’s face. The impact proved decisive, promptly sending Dzoblaev to the canvas. Although the referee initiated a ten-count, Dzoblaev was unable to rise, solidifying Oleinik’s triumphant debut in the boxing realm.

Despite his extensive history in MMA, Aleksei Oleinik’s venture into the boxing world demonstrates his unyielding spirit and adaptability, underlining the true essence of a versatile combat athlete.