(Video) 2 vs 1 MMA Fight Escalates – Huge Brawl Ensues Between Cornermen

Some mixed martial arts promotions showcase unique and ridiculous fights in order to gain attention and sell more PPV buys. Ranging from fighting inside a phone booth to fighting wearing a formal suit. This time, the Russian base MMA promotion Epic Fighting Championship featured an imbalanced 2 vs 1 fight.

The fight featured Vitaly Bykov from heavier divisions against two smaller men, Ramzan Amsadoev and Vladislav Popov. Not long after the fight started, the couple immediately jumped on the solo guy and trained him with a combination of punches. The solo fighter switched to ground fighting by grabbing one of the opponents and tackling him down.

Many people would agree that fighting on the ground against more than one opponent is a bad idea. As soon as he took down one of his opponents, the other fighter started punching him, backing his teammate.

The fight went chaotic as the coach of the solo fighter jumped inside the arena and attacked one of the two fighters. At this point, almost everyone from both teams jumped inside the arena and the 2 vs 1 fight turned into an all out war. Some even continue the clash outside.


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Surprisingly, the fight continued to the third round with one of the duo fighters getting disqualified and the bout ended as a normal one-on-one fight.

Epic Fighting Championship featured another two-on-one freak show where a 75 years old pensioner teamed up with his 18 years old grandson to take on a feminist. This fight lasted for a full 3 rounds and resulted in a draw.