Usman Got Whooped By The Fighter Who Fractured Sage Northcutt’s Jaw

In the world of MMA great skill level isn’t always followed by the equal amount of hype. Cosmo Alexandre thought his days of being underappreciated would be over when he shattered Sage Northcutt’s jaw at ONE FC in a rare must see moment for the promotion.

Northcutt reportedly suffered 8 facial fractures in the fight.

But the hype came and went nowhere – because ONE FC was unwilling to meet Cosmo Alexandre’s demands. The 39 year old fighter last fought with Sage 2 years ago.

Alexandre was unhappy.

“I told them I’d fight, but my purse had to be different,” he said. “Okami was coming off three losses, he was going to do his last fight before retiring, and it would be in Tokyo. They were setting me up, right? I’m not going. They would give him (the win) if I didn’t kill him. I said no – only if they raised my purse.”

“To sum it up, I’m asking for a pay raise, they don’t want to do it, and I told them, ‘Since I’m not worth what I’m asking, let me go,’” Alexandre said. “They don’t want that either. They don’t want to give me a better purse and don’t want to end the contract. … I have to wait and see what happens, and they won’t let me go. They won’t pay me more and won’t let me out.”

But in spite of tense renegotiations he ended up resigning with them in August 2020.

“After my fight against Sage, we started talking about my contract – so it was a long talk,” Alexandre told MMA Junkie. “(It was) kind of like a long fight. But in the end now, I talked straight with (ONE chairman) Chatri (Sityotong), and I think it was better for me. A lot of people talk about UFC and other shows here in the U.S., but for me I see ONE Championship is safe for me.

“It’s safer for my family. I’m 38. I don’t want to fight until like 43, 44. I just want to fight a few more years and looking at it this way, it’s safer for me to stay in ONE Championship.”

Now Kamaru Usman is sharing a unique experience he had training with Cosmo. Of course Usman was unaware just who he was sparring at the time. Alexandre has an extensive list of credits in boxing having been a Showtime 77MAX World Champion, WMC Intercontinental and WPMF World Champion, W5 World Champion.