Union Buster Sam Alvey Is Now On an 8 Fight Losing Streak – Yet the UFC Still Won’t Cut Him

Sam Alvey earned his keep the dirty way in the UFC.

Back in 2016, Alvey hit all the talking points the UFC had wanted him to saying:

“I’m strongly against the unions,” Alvey said. “I’ve said it before. The unions want to pay everybody the same amount, and I don’t support that. Conor McGregor earned his multi-millions by the way he runs his mouth and the way he wins. As much as I’m not a fan of his, I’m with that.

“With a union, he wouldn’t be worth that. He wouldn’t get half of what he’s asking. Now for some of the guys that don’t stand out like him, I think a union could do well. But I think that they are taking something from someone that has earned it.”

This has lead to UFC keeping Alvey on the roster in spite of his last victory dating back to 2018 against the recently retired Gian Villante.

Alvey is 35 years old with a fight record that consists of 33 wins 17 losses 1 no contest and 1 draw. Last night he was dropped by Brendan Allen and subsequently submitted.



Alvey is rumored to have made $91,000 for that performance – ($70,000 to show, $21,000 fight week incentive pay).