Ukrainian UFC fighter got blocked by UFC Russia on social media

Maryna Moroz (11-3) is a mixed martial artist from Ukraine, signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She competes in the Women’s Flyweight division. Maryna is also a boxing coach for the Ukrainian Olympic women’s boxing team.

Maryna recently fought on the Prelims of UFC 272. She was in a flyweight bout against Kazakh mixed martial artist Mariya Agapova (10-3). Maryna defeated Mariya via submission in the second round.

Maryna entered the octagon with a lot on here mind –  with the intense battle going on in her country. Moroz aka The Iron Lady turned up, fought, and won against a tough opponent in Mariya Agapova.

Maryna delivered a victory to her people at a time when they have been suffering. She held the Ukrainian flag up high inside the T-Mobile Arena and with tears in her eyes, she denounced the war that is going on in her country.


“If you know, my country has a war right now and my family is in Ukraine. I had a hard week. I’m worrying, I’m crying because my family, right now, is in a bad situation. Thank you everyone for messaging me, supporting me, because this week was hard for me. I want to cry because of
this war in my country. Thank you, everyone.” She said in the post-fight interview.

During the post-fight press conference at UFC 272, Maryna claimed that the official UFC Russia Instagram blocked her following her previous victory. This was a huge motivating factor for her.

Maryna said, “Yeah I was happy with my performance. I think people forget about me because before I win fight, I have records, year 2020 was my last win. But, you know, you see, Russian Instagram doesn’t post me after my last fight. He blocked me. But after I give interview, he unblocked, but never posted me, only posted my opponent. It gave me more energy to win this fight.”

When she was asked why she believed UFC Russia blocked her, with a smirk on her face she
replied, “Because I’m from Ukraine.”

No statement has been made by UFC Russia’s Vice President & CIS, Andre Gromkowski to date.