UFC’s Tim Elliott talks why he sponsored the opponent of his ex-wife’s lover

Tim Elliott and Kevin Croom were once strong teammates and close companions. But things took a drastic turn earlier this year.

Allegations surfaced suggesting that Croom had engaged in a relationship with Elliott’s then-wife Gina Mazany on their wedding night. The repercussions were significant, leading to a divorce between Elliott and Mazany.

Despite the distressing circumstances, Elliott chose to remain silent about the incident until persistent inquiries regarding Gina’s return to combat sports prompted further discussion.

Tim Elliott opted to sever communication with both Gina Mazany and Kevin Croom. An unexpected twist emerged when it came to light that Elliott had sponsored Tony Soto, who competed against Croom at BKFC in October.

Elliot stated on UFC Vegas 83 media day: “Yeah, Tony actually hit me up and say ‘like I’m married to my wife, I love her so much and I hate situations like this.’ Just reached out and pat me on the back I guess. He was then saying something about getting sponsors and I was like ‘Hey, man, I’ll send you some money for a sponsorship.’ He was like ‘cool, I’m going to put your head on my banner.’ I was like alright, I’ll send you $500 when you show up and $500 if you knock him out.”

“He’s a good dude, I don’t lose any thoughts over Kevin or anything. I wish him the best, people make mistakes all the time. Tony seems like a really good guy and he’s a really good fighter and that fight was good to watch.”


Despite his apparent displeasure towards Kevin Croom, Elliott clarified that his sponsorship was primarily a means to help out Tony Soto. Expressing empathy, Elliott elaborated: “I wouldn’t want to be the a**hole that gives some guy money and puts my face on their banner and they lose. That’s not what (I wanted). I would have sponsored him anyway, he didn’t have to put me on his banner. I know what it’s like to have to dig for sponsors. I’m just now making money in the UFC.”

“I’ve been at this game for a long time and I’m finally making good money. So, I know what is like to pinch pennies and sleep on people’s couches and work while you are trying to train. It’s not easy. If I can help somebody out that is obviously a good dude, a good dad, a good husband, no sweat off my back.”

Tim Elliott is poised to make a return to the octagon this Saturday. He will be competing against Sumudaerji in a bantamweight bout.