UFC’s Sean Strickland reveals a troubling incident that could’ve landed him in jail for life

Sean Strickland has been making headlines after his recent main event victory over Abus Magomedov. During media week, Strickland made controversial statements about women in the workforce, his love for America, and his disdain for TikTok.

In a bold move, he followed that up with an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, where he further expressed his unconventional views to a wide audience.

On the podcast, Strickland discussed a range of topics, including corporate dominance in American culture. He expressed his identity as “white trash” and claimed to represent the future of America. While acknowledging that he is not sexist, he criticized the unholy alliance between corporations and the erosion of American values.

“There is like this unholy alliance that corporations are doing to America. They want women working. They want lower wages and they want more consumerism.”

“I don’t mean it like—I’m not sexist—like ‘Oh put woman back in the kitchen you know they suck.’ And I love women, you know, take off the burka wear a f**king bikini and huzzah. But we’re truly in a weird time (because) corporations are eroding (our) values. Well they act within their best interests and it’s in their best interests to keep people consumers and make sure that people just pay attention only to stupid sh*t.”

“(We) have Walmart in our phones now. Even me, I’m to blame (because) there’s some times where I’m a little depressed and I’m go on Amazon. ‘Let’s see what the Amazon fairy is recommending for me today. Maybe I could find something that’ll give me a little serotonin boost. Find some happiness in a one click.’”


He also detailed a troubling tale that could’ve easily landed him in jail for 20 years to life.

Strickland recounted a situation where he was tempted to take a life at a party. The incident involved a weapon pointed to the head and resulted in a hole in the wall. One potential hinderance was the fact he was facing legal issues at the time.

A woman requested Strickland leave the party and pay for the wall damage he made. Instead, he made a provocative comment, resulting in her boyfriend charging at him with a weapon. At this point he pleaded and tried to defuse the situation. Ultimately Strickland snatched the weapon and gave the boyfriend a lesson.

Strickland previously teased bits from his turbulent life but none were as graphic as this. He still hopes to get a middleweight title shot.

If the winner of the Robert Whittaker vs. Dricus Du Plessis matchup at UFC 290 sustains a serious injury, Strickland could potentially be next in line to face Adesanya at UFC 293 in Sydney.