UFC’s Sean Strickland catches a lot of flack for criticizing Shalie Lipp memorial tributes

Shalie Lipp, a rising star in the MMA community, tragically died in a car accident on the I-94 bridge connecting Fargo and Moorhead.

She was about to be recognized by top MMA organizations before her untimely death.

Lipp’s scheduled bout against Natalie Gauge for the flyweight title at Ignite No Mercy 11 in Detroit Lakes was canceled due to the accident, ending her career prematurely.

At UFC Charlotte, a memorial sticker with Lipp’s name was placed on the cage door as a tribute to her.

UFC president Dana White was devastated by Lipp’s death and spoke about it during the UFC Charlotte news conference.

Dana White had been in contact with Lipp’s mother and expressed his grief over the loss.

Shalie Lipp had written in her journal that she wanted Dana White to know her name.

But apparently Strickland insists this wasn’t merited. In a video he shared on his socials (and subsequently deleted off of twitter), Strickland claims:


“I got some s*** to say and I know I f**kin shouldn’t say it, but I like I’m so compelled to say it, I can’t stop myself. That girl that died f**king tragically. I feel so bad for her and we have to wake up to that really f**ked up.”

“People die all the time. Like that’s really fu*ked up. Tragic. Anyways, well Dana White got f**king touchy found the journal post about her fu*king amazing right but all you bandwagon guys and this is where I’m going to get a little bit of hate for this one. All you bandwagon guys post a picture of her saying, you know, I know your name.”

“I dug a little deeper and I’m going to tell you guys she wasn’t that f**king good. Three And coming off a loss a 1 to 1 record and this is going to sound f**ked up this is just facts if you didn’t die, no one would have known your f**king name. Now, that’s f**ked up. I know you guys, but you bandwagon motherf***ers looking at like for her post. You guys are also f**ed up.”

MMA fans on twitter had an array of reactions, this time, negative for the most part.