UFC’s Movsar Evloev advises streamer Sneako to date Younger women because they’re ‘easier to mold’

Russian mixed martial artist Movsar Evloev recently offered some relationship advice to influencer Sneako during a conversation between the two. Evloev, who competes in the UFC’s featherweight division, spoke about how he met his wife and gave guidance to the single Sneako on finding the right partner.

Evloev revealed that he married his wife very quickly after meeting her, tying the knot just two weeks after their introduction. He explained that in his small hometown region of Russia, families tend to know each other well, which made the process easier. According to Evloev, his wife was 17 and he was 23 when they wed.

When asked how he knew she was the right partner so fast, Evloev stated it’s impossible to truly know someone even after five years of dating. He believes you cannot be certain what kind of person someone is because they can pretend for a long time. However, because his wife was quite young when they married, Evloev said it was easier to shape the relationship dynamics from the start.

“When you marry younger, it’s much easier to, you know, the older lady, your wife,” Evloev told Sneako on his rumble. He said that with an older, more experienced woman, it’s harder for a man to lead the relationship. But a younger spouse who has not developed firm habits and beliefs can be molded to fit her husband’s lifestyle.

Evloev encouraged Sneako, who is currently single, to find a good wife who will keep him focused on the right path. He emphasized surrounding oneself with positive influences, whether that is a spouse, friends, or community. According to Evloev, the right social circle will help reinforce one’s principles and priorities.

Movsar Evloev is set to face Arnold Allen at UFC 297, where he’s ranked as the No. 9 featherweight contender.

Evloev boasts an undefeated record of 17-0 in the UFC, with all victories achieved via decision. In contrast, his pre-UFC career included seven finishes, consisting of three knockouts and four submissions. Despite his unbeaten record, Evloev is becoming frustrated with his lack of finishing dominance in the Octagon.