UFC’s Mayra Bueno Silva marries UFC veteran Gloria de Paula

We recently talked a bit about some of UFC’s major power couples. Along with Amanda Nunes and spouse Nina Ansaroff there are also Brian Ortega and fiancé Tracie Cortez as well as Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres.

They are now joined by another power couple. UFC Bantamweight Mayra Bueno Silva just got married to former UFC strawweight Gloria de Paula.

Bueno Silva (9-2-1) shared the exciting announcement on her instagram writing:

“It’s been so many years hiding from myself, so many years running away from my own happiness. Afraid I’m making a very serious mistake until you arrived and little by little change my thoughts. You made me see the world differently, a better world full of love , companionship and peace. This is exactly the word that describes me because after a whirlwind of thoughts and being surrounded by prejudices by many around me, this is what I feel PEACE in saying YES to you today and forever.”

The two shared a series of snap of themselves celebrating the festivities.

Bueno Silva has been with the UFC since DWCS stint in 2018. She has a mixed record consisting of 4 wins 2 losses and 1 draw.

In case her name sounds familiar, that’s most likely due to a big controversy tied to her last UFC finish.

Silva was pitted against Swiss judoka Stephanie Egger. Egger got caught in an armbar by the fence. The submission hold was obscured from the spectators including the main ref.

Egger tapped to the armbar, but then pretended she hadn’t once Silva released the hold.

Luckily, there was a cageside referee who saw the whole exchange and testified to it.

“I think a lot of children in Brazil— I learned about character. When she tapped, and then [played dumb], hopefully, my children watched this,” she told media. “I need them to know not to be dirty.”

Gloria de Paula is 27 years old. She has an MMA record consisting of 6 wins and 6 losses. She had been with UFC from 2021 until recently. Following her UFC release, she signed with invicta where she faced and lost against Karolina Wojcik by decision.

Both train at ATT alongside Kayla Harrison.