UFC’s Mackenzie Dern: Solid kick to the groin, worse than childbirth

Mackenzie Dern is a top strawweight in the UFC. She recently shared some candid thoughts on getting hit in the groin during MMA bouts and even compared them to giving birth.

In a interview, Dern discussed her experiences being accidentally kicked in the groin during matches. She admitted that a solid kick to the groin is far more painful than giving birth, much to the surprise of many.

“Definitely fighting, it hurts way more,” Dern said when asked to compare the two experiences.

Dern revealed that she has unfortunately been on the receiving end of some nasty groin shots over the course of her MMA career. She described the excruciating pain and not knowing what to do when given just 5 minutes to recover.

“I was just like trying to be, you know, at the highest level of professional fighting when you’re like breastfeeding, you know, 3 minutes before,” Dern said, referencing returning to compete shortly after giving birth. “It’s so crazy.”

While Dern said giving birth was relatively easy with an epidural, taking hard kicks to the groin is a different kind of pain. She said it can cause injuries and make it difficult to continue fighting at your best.

Many fans may be surprised to hear that childbirth is not as bad as a getting kicked in a sensitive area during a fight. But Dern’s personal experience as a top MMA fighter and new mother gives interesting insight into how the two stack up in terms of pain. Her takes may make even the toughest fighters cringe and think twice about groin shots.

Dern stepped up as a late day replacement and is booked to face Amanda Lemos at the upcoming UFC 298. She’s trying to get back in the winning column after a TKO loss to Jessica Andrade and abandoning RVCA’s Jason Parillo for her own team.  She is believed to be coached by rumored new husband Antonio Trócoli.