UFC’s Kevin Holland Clowns Troll Who Claimed He Could Submit Him

UFC star Kevin Holland recently confronted a toxic MMA fan who trash talked him on social media. The troll in question claimed that he could submit Holland. The ‘Trailblazer’ got his vendetta and even filmed the now infamous clash when he wrecked the trash talker as a cautionary tale to other trash talkers on the web.

Kevin Holland took to his Twitter account to upload the video footage. He also added the caption “Vs how it’s going… 1 troll down, way too many more to go! # CallBigMouth”

The video starts during the back-end of the round. The trash talker can be seen already on the ground and Kevin Holland was standing over him and challenging him to get up and go again. The trash talker had some stamina left and was able to get up to clash again.

The trash talker tried to take down Kevin Holland but Holland managed to do a sprawl and turned the takedown attempt into a guillotine. The toxic guy struggled a bit before he finally tapped out.

Kevin Holland also exposed the guy to the public and shared a piece of their conversation on Instagram DM. He also posted the screenshot on Twitter right before he posted the video footage.

“This troll thought he was a tough guy or skilled or some bs. So I put his a*s on a bus, paid for his hotel room and brought him in for a session. How it started-,” wrote Kevin Holland in the caption.

Kevin Holland is a skilled MMA pro – he has competed since 2015. However  he was exposed for lacking wrestling skill in 2021. The 29-year-old lost back-to-back to Derek Brunson and Marvin Vettori. In his last, he got knocked out by an accidental head clash.  The bout ended with a no contest.

As for his next, Holland is scheduled to face in the welterweight division against Alex Oliveira at UFC 272.