UFC’s Ian Garry: My wife has more star power than many people on this card

In the lead-up to his UFC 298 bout against UFC veteran Geoff Neal, Irish welterweight contender Ian Garry has managed to land in the midst of fan scrutiny due to his recent remarks. Known for his sharp striking and bold demeanor, Garry’s trash-talking style often draws comparisons to the Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor.

In a recent interview snippet circulating on social media, Garry claimed that his wife Layla Machado might be a bigger “draw” than many UFC combatants. However, this bold assertion didn’t sit well with fans. This sparked a wave of criticism in the comments section.

Garry said: “My wife is more looked up than any fighter on this fight night. That’s a fact. For sure, you put Layla on the card, she’s a bigger draw than anybody else on this fight card. How about you go in there with Sean Strickland and spit in his face? I’d let you do that, 100 percent. Thump the mouth off him.”

Some expressed feeling nauseated by his statements, while others lamented his shift from being a fan favorite to an “unlikable” figure in their eyes. Netizens were quick to voice their displeasure, with many finding Garry’s comments distasteful and some labeling them as a “weird flex.”

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Every time he talks, I wanna throw up”

“Mans became the most unlikeable fighter so quick”

“Not something to brag about m8”

“Weird flex bro”

Despite the controversy, Ian Garry remains undeterred and fueled by the desire for retribution against those who’ve targeted his family. Specifically, he addressed derogatory remarks made by Sean Strickland and Colby Covington during media day.

Garry expressed his disgust at Strickland’s comments about his wife and child, making it clear that such disrespect wouldn’t go unanswered. He said: “There’s no f****** man on the planet that talks about my wife or my family like that and doesn’t get it eventually.”

His anger extended to Covington, whom he plans to retire after defeating Neal. He also hopes to soon get a crack at the welterweight championship.

As the story unfolds, fans are left wondering how Garry will navigate the fallout from his controversial remarks and if this will reshape his approach to public statements in the future.