UFC’s Evloev: It’s Easier to Be Muslim in America Than Russia

UFC’s Movsar Evloev recently spoke about the contrast between practicing Islam in Russia versus the United States. According to Evloev, a devout Muslim who was born in Russia and now lives in America, it is much easier to openly be Muslim in the U.S. than his native country.

During a conversation with influencer Sneako, Evloev discussed the hardship Muslims face in expressing their faith in parts of Russia. He explained that in the Muslim-majority Russian republic where he grew up, he could pray openly without issues. However, in big cities like Moscow, many non-Muslim Russians hassle and frown upon public prayers.

In the same interview, Evloev also gave some truly troubling dating advice detailing how he met his wife when she was 17 and how younger women are ‘easier to mold’.

Evloev stated that on Fridays in Moscow, thousands of Muslims spill into the streets because the mosques do not have capacity for all of them. Yet the city has not allowed the construction of more mosques to meet the needs of its large Muslim population.

On the other hand, Evloev said he can pray anywhere without problems in America. There are mosques available even in areas without a significant Muslim population. He believes America’s religious freedom, diversity and existing Islamic community make openly practicing his faith much easier compared to Russia.

According to Evloev, “In Russia, like Moscow, like other big cities, you know, with more people, you know, not Muslims, they like don’t like when you pray and you have no like certain rooms…And if somebody say, yes, you know, look at you and you just comment, go away, go away, boy…”

But in America, Evloev insists he can pray at malls or public spaces without harassment. The different environment has allowed him to more comfortably combine his Muslim faith with his career as an athlete and public figure.

As an observant Muslim competing in the highly diverse UFC, Evloev’s perspective offers an interesting comparison between the United States and Russia.

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