UFC’s Dvalishvili calls out Malykhin for still owing on $50k bet

Merab Dvalishvili set the UFC Las Vegas media day ablaze with bold statements, particularly targeting his opponent Petr Yan.

Dvalishvili labeled Yan as a “b***h” and deeming him “not a good human.” However, his verbal onslaught didn’t stop there. He directed his frustration towards Anatoliy Malykhin, a training partner of Yan. Dvalishvili criticised him for failing to honor a substantial bet they had made.

Dvalishvili claims that he placed a wager with Anatoliy Malykhin of ONE Championship on the result of Yan and Dvalishvili’s teammate Aljamain Sterling’s rematch. Dvalishvili demanded payment from Malykhin after Sterling beat Yan a second time.

Merab stated in a press conference: “I bet with [Yan’s] friend $50,000. We make bet and all his country and all my country know about it and it was big deal.”

Despite providing Malykhin with his banking information, Dvalishvili claimed that no payment ever materialized. When confronted, Malykhin cited US sanctions as a hindrance to the transfer. Dvalishvili then offered his Georgian bank account details, yet the money did not come through.

Merab said: “He never sent me money. After he said he will fight in ONE FC and ONE FC will me directly, but they never send me.”

Dvalishvili claims that a video of him and Yan appeared online that was related to this wager. He said: “I was asking why his friend didn’t pay me money, where is my money. [Yan] said ‘I told Anatoliy don’t pay Merab.’ What kind of man he is? He’s not a good man.”

Dvalishvli expressed his hope for Malykhin to honor his commitment. If the payment fails to materialize, Dvalishvili asserted that he would take matters into his own hands.

He also said: “I hope that Anatoliy is a man of his word and he’s going to do the right thing and he’s going to pay me. If not, I’m going to Thailand and I’m going to find him.”

In a tweet, Dvalishvili recently escalated the matter by calling out Anatoliy Malykhin directly.

He wrote: “Wow @AnatolyMalykhin… a three division champion! But a real man pays his debt! You made a $50,000 bet with me in 2021 and have paid $11,000. Stand up,be a man,put your money where your big mouth is.I gave you enough time and chased you long enough.Wire the $39,000 balance now!”

Fans are now anticipating whether this financial feud finds resolution in the aftermath of their clash.