UFC’s Dustin Poirier hospitalized with a serious staph infection

Poirier defeated Michael Chandler in a submission at UFC 281 in November, which took place at Madison Square Garden. But he’s been going through an ordeal since.

He is currently ranked 2nd in the official UFC lightweight rankings.

UFC star Dustin Poirier is now in the hospital due to a “severe” staphylococcus infection in his left foot.

Poirier tweeted: “Going on day 2 in the hospital. S**s getting serious.”

He also shared images of his bloated foot that’s reportedly been too painful to even walk on.

While majority of fans were sympathetic, Conor McGregor took the chance to sneak in some shots at Poirier who was thoroughly unamused.

Dustin Poirier has criticized Michael Chandler for his dubious methods. During their clash at UFC 281, Poirier voiced his displeasure to the referee about an array of fouls Chandler was committing.

The staph infection was apparently interpreted as karma for lodging said complaint by a fan – to the dismay of Poirier.

Resistant staph infections are no joke. Mark Hunt previously detailed undergoing surgery after staph infection literally ate through the skin and muscle in his leg.

  Kevin Randleman, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Drew McFedries have also gone through similar ordeals.

Worst case was probably UFC veteran Cole Escovedo who was temporarily rendered paralyzed from the infection. Picture of Kevin Randleman’s staph infection is the stuff of nightmares, google if you dare.