UFC’s Colby Covington bashes USA boxing for new inclusive trans policy

Colby Covington, known for his candid opinions, didn’t hold back when discussing USA Boxing’s recent decision to allow transgender women to compete against cisgender women. Following his less-than-ideal performance against Leon Edwards at UFC 296, Covington took to various platforms to share his views, including a notable appearance on Fox News.

In the interview, Covington decried the new policy, stating, “It’s despicable. Biological men shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s sports. Doesn’t matter what their hormone levels or pronouns are, they’re still biological men.”

The UFC welterweight expressed vehement opposition to the policy, citing concerns about potential fatal consequences when biological men compete against biological women. Additionally, he deemed the practice unethical and urged supporters of the policy to consider their mental well-being.

Covington’s critique of USA Boxing’s transgender policy gained traction on social media, with a clip from his Fox News interview circulating widely. The fighter’s strong stance resonated with many who share his concerns about the implications of allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sports.

Following his loss to Leon Edwards, Colby Covington dropped to the 5th spot in the UFC welterweight rankings. Undeterred, he has set his sights on a future bout with Stephen Thompson, another fighter who faced defeat at UFC 296. Covington attributed his subpar performance to an undisclosed injury, although no conclusive evidence has been presented.

USA Boxing’s transgender policy, applicable to athletes over 18, stipulates stringent regulations for both transmen and transwomen. Sex reassignment surgery is mandatory, and athletes must undergo quarterly hormone testing for four years post-surgery. For transwomen, a testosterone level of 5 nmol/L for the past 2 years is required before entering the ring, while transmen should maintain a testosterone level above 10 nmol/L throughout their fight career.

The controversial decision by USA Boxing faced backlash from fighters and fans alike, who criticized it as a move to appease woke liberals. Notable figures such as UFC commentator Joe Rogan, UFC CEO Dana White, and Colby Covington have openly opposed the inclusion of trans athletes in combat sports.

As the discourse surrounding transgender athletes in sports continues, Colby Covington’s critique adds to the ongoing debate, shedding light on the concerns shared by various voices within the MMA community.