UFC’s Chimaev blasts boxer Devin Haney for saying he would never lose to a white opponent

UFC standout Khamzat Chimaev recently expressed his disappointment with boxer Devin Haney following Haney’s controversial statement asserting he would never lose to a white opponent. Haney, the undefeated undisputed lightweight champion, garnered attention for his remarks made during an appearance on 78SportsTV, where he proclaimed his perceived superiority over white boxers.

 “I can tell you this – I will never lose to a white boy in my life,” the 21-year-old said.

“I don’t care what nobody got to say. Listen, can’t no white boy beat me, I don’t care, on any day of the week. I fight a white boy like 10 times, I’m gonna beat him 10 times.”

Despite Haney’s impressive achievements in the boxing world, his racially charged statement sparked widespread condemnation from various quarters, including fellow boxers like Ryan Garcia. However, it wasn’t just the boxing community that took issue with Haney’s words; UFC sensation Khamzat Chimaev also voiced his disdain.

In a recent interview, Chimaev disclosed that while he had previously engaged with Haney, he opted to sever ties with him following the controversial video. The Chechen-born fighter condemned Haney’s arrogance and deemed his statement as unequivocally racist. Chimaev emphasized the double standard, highlighting the disparity in reactions if the roles were reversed.

Chimaev articulated, “Yes, but I unfollowed him after that video. He is too arrogant. He said he’ll never lose to a white boy. That’s racist. If I say I’ll never lose to a black guy, the world would be like, ‘Khamzat doesn’t like black people!’ Black guys can fight white guys. What’s the difference? The goal is the same.”

He further underscored the inconsistency in societal responses, noting that if a black athlete made similar remarks, it wouldn’t elicit the same level of scrutiny. Chimaev reiterated his stance against discrimination, emphasizing his friendships spanning across racial boundaries.

Meanwhile, Haney attempted to address the backlash by asserting his commitment to being a positive role model and denouncing discrimination. In a social media post, he clarified his stance and reiterated his rejection of any form of discrimination.

“I just had a very positive conversation with Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the WBC and confirmed to him directly my commitment to be a role model and my absolute rejection of discrimination of any kind!” Haney conveyed.

As the fallout from Haney’s statement continues to reverberate, Chimaev’s condemnation serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and respect in the realm of sportsmanship.