UFC’s Chiesa speaks out in defense of Laura Sanko: If she wasn’t a beautiful blond with a nice body, nobody would say anything

UFC fighter Michael Chiesa has come to the defense of UFC commentator Laura Sanko after she faced criticism from fellow ex-fighter Jamie Varner.

Varner, a former WEC champion, recently questioned Sanko’s expertise, stating, “What’s this Laura Sanko girl deal? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” His comments sparked a backlash, with many defending Sanko’s credentials and performance as a broadcaster.

Chiesa, who has transitioned from fighting to broadcasting himself, didn’t mince words in supporting his fellow commentator. In a tweet directed at Varner, he respectfully stated, “You don’t know how hard this job is. You don’t know what it’s like to have to talk to a microphone and do what she does. Give her some credit.”

The 35-year-old Chiesa lauded Sanko’s versatility, noting her ability to handle sideline reporting, play-by-play commentary, color analysis, and pre/post-fight breakdowns with equal aplomb. He dismissed the notion that she needs UFC fighter credentials to excel at broadcasting.

“She can do absolutely everything,” Chiesa asserted. “She just works so hard because she is filling that void that everybody says that she doesn’t have. You’re not a UFC fighter. So she goes above and beyond to try to do her absolute best.”

Chiesa, known for his outspoken personality, didn’t hold back in praising Sanko’s skills and professionalism. “When Laura Sanko speaks, I listen because I do feel like I can learn from her. And that says a lot. I’m a stubborn guy. She’s a pro. She’s as good as anybody.”

He also condemned what he sees as unfair criticism stemming from Sanko’s physical appearance. “If Laura Sanko wasn’t a beautiful blond with a nice body, nobody would say anything,” Chiesa stated bluntly. “Everybody has these theories of how she got to where she is. And it’s a crock.”

Chiesa emphatically concluded, “People just need to give her flowers because she’s damn good at what she does. She is one of the best. And I will stand by that statement through and through no matter what.”