UFC’s Bryce Mitchell lives in a trailer and has to s**t outside in the snow

UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell is known for his grit both inside and outside the Octagon. The Arkansas native resides in a “real small trailer” on rural land where he raises livestock and grows food for self-sufficiency.

With winter approaching, Mitchell detailed some of the challenges of trailer life when the temperatures drop and snow piles high. He recounted one extreme blizzard where “the ship tank will freeze up” leaving him to “s*it outside in the snow.” With no power or communications, Mitchell relies on a wood stove for heating and cooking simple meals like beans and rice during storms.

“I have to go s**t outside of the snow. Find shit outside in the snow and cover it up in the snow, you know, like the dogs do, and now I’ll get that wood stove, keep putting it we’re putting that wood in there and cooking beans and rice on it, and just if I get snowed in, brother, I I’m gonna  have a great time.” – Bryce told Bisping.

“We’re about to be living at house life. And But I gotta build a house. I gotta go right back into construction because I’m I’m having my first kid in 4 months. And I’m I’m building a house for that kid and my wife and me because we don’t have enough room in the trailer that I live in.”

“I live in a real small trailer. Like, my wife didn’t have a closet. You know, they like closets. They like doing their makeup and having their cabinet and stuff. We we don’t have permits. We don’t have closets.”

Despite the hardships, Mitchell embraces the character-building nature of living off the grid. He explained it’s “all about trying to be as self sufficient as possible” to escape “economic slavery.” With even tougher economic times potentially ahead, Mitchell wants to be ready and equip his family for what he sees as an impending “mark of the beast” system.

While most UFC stars enjoy the fruits of fame in spacious homes, Mitchell prefers his rural homestead. But with his first child due soon, he is building them a house so his wife can finally have a closet. In the meantime, Mitchell toughs out frigid Arkansas winters alongside his livestock and crops – the product of hard work and perseverance against the elements that also built him into a fierce competitor destined for a UFC title.