(Video) Oscar De La Hoya & Girlfriend star in Music Video for Ryan Garcia’s rap song

Oscar De La Hoya is making waves in the boxing world by playfully jabbing at Canelo Alvarez in anticipation of his upcoming bout against Jaime Munguia.

During a recent press conference, De La Hoya engaged in verbal sparring with Alvarez. He urged his former protege to show some respect.

De La Hoya stated: “Put some f*****g respect on my name.”

The exchange escalated when Alvarez accused De La Hoya of stealing money. He said: “He’s a f**king a**hole. That is what I said. He’s a f**king a**hole. He tried to keep the attention for him, not for Munguia. He’s a f**king a**hole. He steals from his fighters. That’s what he do.”

Alvarez didn’t hold back during the press conference. He ended up alleging: “If I hadn’t involved my lawyers, you would steal [money] from me. The only thing this man does is be a scourge of boxing. Steal from boxers. For whoever is with him, please contact your lawyers, because he is surely stealing from you. It’s the only thing he comes to do in boxing.”

The incident prompted De La Hoya to take legal action against the Mexican superstar. He filed a defamation case against Alvarez and stated that he made false allegations of stealing against Oscar De La Hoya.

Additionally, Oscar De La Hoya threatened Alvarez by saying that he would sue him legally.

The tension between the two has reached new heights, with De La Hoya seizing the opportunity to take subtle shots at Alvarez.

In a surprising move, De La Hoya released a peculiar music video set to Ryan Garcia’s track ‘Blessed.’ The video also features his girlfriend, Holly Sonders.


As the anticipation for the Alvarez vs. Munguia bout continues to build, De La Hoya’s antics ensure that all eyes remain on the event. This sets the stage for an electrifying showdown in the boxing ring.