UFC Welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov credits Horse meat in his diet for remarkable recovery

Undefeated UFC welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov recently credited horse meat as an irreplaceable part of his diet regimen that fuels his success. Could this controversial protein source offer physical and competitive advantages explaining the surging fighter’s rapid ascent?

“For me, the horse meat is the best meat in the world because it’s the tastiest and have much more vitamins in it,” Rakhmonov declared in a Morning Kombat podcast appearance. “I cannot imagine his life without horse meat.”

The rising Kazakhstani talent made clear that horse meat is a staple in his nutritional program that he believes offers superior health properties over more traditional meat options. With a perfect professional record and 100% finishing rate inside the octagon so far, it’s hard to argue with his results.

Rakhmonov is upholding cultural dietary traditions from his homeland, where horses have historically been essential to society’s livelihoods. But his enthusiastic endorsement suggests ingredients in horse meat specifically aid MMA athletes. He even cited former UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem’s notorious attribution of horse meat for fueling sizable physical gains earlier in his career.

Horse meat lover Alistair Overeem has halved in size since his PED suspension

It should be noted that Khabib Nurmagomedov also started a food chain in Russia featuring horse meat sandwiches.

While the ethical and legal debate surrounding horse meat continues across the sports world, Rakhmonov feels confident its special nutritional profile gives him an edge. If he continues dispatching top welterweights in highlight-reel fashion, the unusual protein source may gain traction among fighters seeking every possible advantage. Rakhmonov may have uncovered a controversial key that unlocks combat sports potential.