UFC welterweight accuses company of exploiting his mother’s illness, depriving him of a bonus

UFC president Dana White often finds himself at the receiving end of criticism from the MMA community. These criticism cover a wide range of topics he oversees in the organization, including poor matchmaking, competitor pay, and promotional tactics.

UFC welterweight Phil Rowe has recently come forward with serious allegations against Dana White and the organization. Rowe claims that he has been unjustly denied bonuses in his previous matches, and he accuses the UFC of exploiting his mother’s health condition for promotional purposes.

Scheduled to face Neil Magny this weekend at UFC FN: Emmett vs. Topuria, Phil Rowe is currently riding a solid three win streak. Despite his remarkable performance inside the cage, Rowe believes that the UFC has not recognized his achievements and denied him bonuses. Furthermore, he reveals that the UFC has used his mother’s struggle with cancer as a means to generate publicity for his matches.

Speaking at a media scrum before the bout, Rowe shed light on the unfair treatment he has faced and directly leveled accusations against Dana White. He expressed his disappointment, stating: “I’ve knocked out three people in a row… No bonus, no nothing. My mom is dealing with two forms of cancer, they’re plastering her on the TV screens, talking about my mom, which I didn’t ask them to do.”

He went on to add: “If you’re going to blast my mom up on the arena and talk about her… Bless me. I went out there and stretched the guy that makes three times more money as I made. Show me some.”

It is important to note that Phil Rowe missed weight on two occasions in his last three matches. Talking about it in the conference, he said: “Everyone talks about if you miss weight, you had a bad camp or things didn’t go right. There is nothing natural about making weight.”

“You can bust your a** for eight weeks, do everything right, and then two hours before the fight, miscalculate or don’t get in the sauna long enough. And then all of a sudden, you didn’t train hard enough, and now in the fight it’s like, ‘Well, he missed weight so, let’s see.'”