UFC wanted to pull out of Road House after learning the criminal history of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character

Conor McGregor and Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed the behind-the-scenes challenges they faced in getting UFC’s approval for their upcoming movie, “Road House.”

The UFC’s involvement in the film was crucial, with Gyllenhaal taking on the lead role of Elwood Dalton, a former UFC star tasked with restoring order in a rowdy Florida Keys roadhouse. McGregor, also a UFC superstar, plays the role of antagonist ‘Knox’ in the movie.

One particularly memorable scene for Gyllenhaal was filmed at UFC 285, where he made a dramatic walk to the Octagon for a choreographed bout. Reflecting on the experience, Gyllenhaal confessed to being “high for four days,” a sentiment echoed by McGregor, who acknowledged the adrenaline rush of such moments.

However, McGregor revealed that securing UFC’s participation in the film wasn’t a straightforward process. Initially, there were concerns from the UFC about certain elements of the storyline, particularly regarding Dalton’s history of having killed someone. McGregor recalled the UFC’s hesitation, stating that they were initially considering alternative organizations like XFC.

“It was hit and miss at times, wasn’t it? It was gonna be maybe XFC or something like that. But, ’cause obviously Dalton’s history, the story is he’s killed somebody and the UFC didn’t really want that,” McGregor revealed to GQ.

Ultimately, McGregor emphasized the importance of retaining the original storyline, despite initial hesitations from the UFC. He noted the significance of incorporating the iconic Octagon and fight walk into the movie, which ultimately breathed life into the project.

For Gyllenhaal, having the UFC involved was essential to the authenticity of his character’s backstory. As Dalton is portrayed as an ex-UFC fighter, Gyllenhaal stressed the importance of the UFC’s participation in shaping the film’s narrative.

Reflecting on filming his UFC fight scene, Gyllenhaal highlighted the incredible energy of the moment, crediting the collaboration between the film crew and UFC for its success.

As “Road House” makes its debut on Prime Video, Gyllenhaal delves into his portrayal of Dalton, emphasizing the character’s quiet patience and observant nature, traits he admires from Patrick Swayze’s interpretation in the original film. Gyllenhaal also adds his own touch of absurd humor to the character, maintaining the essence of Dalton while infusing it with his own unique style.