UFC veterans react to Liver King’s leaked PED stack

We published an article yesterday talking about a series of leaked emails that detail Liver King’s exact PED routine.

Despite claims that he’s natural, Liver king admits in emails he’s taking human growth hormone, peptides as well as Anabolic agent Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca).

A series of emails that appear to be sent from the email address related to Liver King’s supplement website detail his intricate routine.

It can be argued that emails are legitimate due to a style of writing that can be seen in them, as well as the fact that the author of the video that unveiled the leak got a similar sounding email himself.

None of this would be particularly surprising if not for the fact that Liver king repeatedly denied claims he’s taking PEDs.

Joe Rogan has been his biggest critic to date.

‘Liver king drives me nuts. Because it’s clear, that guy’s on [PEDs].’ Rogan previously told neuroscientist Andrew Huberman adding that regardless of that his genetics are also like “.000001% of human population”.

With the revelation that Liver King (born Brian Johnson) has been on PEDs as far back as 2021, many UFC athletes reacted to the revelation.

Johnson has been more and more active in the community as of late – even attending live MMA events and competing in raw food eating against UFC middleweight Paulo Costa.

First to react to the recent revelation was former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

Alvarez shared a DM he sent to Liver King last year:

UFC veteran Jake Shields had a less flattering take on the latest revelations:

Long time UFC athlete Michael Chiesa was heartbroken to learn of the leak:

Chiesa also made fun of the fact they look alike:

UFC’s Terrance McKinney offered a somber take:

Of course, it’s not exactly stunning to learn he’s taking quite a bit of PEDs, what’s more concerning is that he’s carefully monitoring his stats to mitigate the effects of the diet he preaches.

Not to mention the confirmation that his abs are a result of an aesthetic procedure.

Liver King has coped well with criticism until now, it remains to be seen if he can shrug off these latest revelation.