Rockhold implies Paulo Costa is woman of the year material thanks to aesthetic procedure and make up routine

As we know Luke Rockhold and Paulo Costa are going to have an encounter in the ring at UFC 277, Luke Rockhold didn’t miss the opportunity to troll his opponent.

Former middle weight champion Luke Rockhold tried to get under Costa’s skin with some peckish comments.

In an interview with Australian outlet Submission Radio. Rockhold compared Costa with Caitlyn Jenner:

“I don’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes. He’s getting veneers or getting f***ing or getting his whole f***ing face redone, get a new nose. Who knows what’s next? I don’t know. But everything I think he’s doing all this cosmetic work done because he keeps delaying. He might come out looking like Caitlyn Jenner, you know. You never know.”

Paulo Costa was in the news previously after he had his hair transplant surgery done. In addition to the hair transplant – he showed up at UFC 248 presser with makeup and lipstick on.

While the hair transplant might’ve been a unique opportunity to make money off of a sponsorship and mitigate the side effects of aging, putting makeup on is a bit more unusual for a professional mixed martial artist.

This is especially poignant considering that Costa faces increased scrutiny over a disastrous weight cutting for his last fight with Marvin Vettori.

Luke Rockhold believes that he has a shot to recapture the title of middle weight champion and his first hurdle is Paulo Costa.

Luke Rockhold also indicated that the clash with Costa might be delayed for August – as per Costa’s request

“Paulo Costa is pathetic and the kid needs to sign the contract and agree to the weight, agree to the fight, agree to the date, agree to the dance and [blows kiss] let’s go,” Rockhold told The Schmo. “This b***ch is trying to move it to f—king August. I’m sick and I’m tired of just f***king… this s**t. But I really want to beat that f—ker’s ass so we’re going to August it is.

“Paulo Costa was already made a b—ch by Is[rael Adesanya] and we’re gonna make him a b***ch times two,” he added. “That’s all that matters.”