UFC middleweight Paulo Costa competes in eating raw meat against Liver King

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa consumed raw liver in a competition against Liver King on Friday in Long Beach, California, in advance of Bellator 286. Lightweight champion Patricky Freire also took part in the competition by consuming a pound of raw liver.

The two MMA pros couldn’t match the self proclaimed Liver King as he was naturally the first to finish consuming raw liver. Nevertheless, Costa ate the raw liver like it was good. This impressed the Liver King and he acknowledged it.

Liver King stated: “I was really surprised. I was really impressed. Initially, I just really wanted to gauge his speed. I was trying to play it safe.”

“But then I realized, he’s a true champion. He was putting down that liver. I really had to turn it up.”

Due to his agrarian lifestyle, which involves eating raw flesh, sleeping on the floor, and other outlandish practices, Liver King has become very popular over the last year.

Sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, brawl, and link are among his nine tenets of ancestral life, which he advocates.

Each of the tenets has a lesson to be learned. However, according to Liver King, it’s best to start with the first three. Those are get roughly eight hours of sleep each night, eat liver, and exercise your body every day.