UFC Veteran Reveals He Only Got 26k For A Title Shot

UFC Veteran Gray Maynard has never been one to mince words. Maynard had been in the UFC from 2007 until 2018. While many current UFC fans are unaware of him – he was once a title contender and a very exciting fighter to watch.

During his title run Maynard had defeated Nate Diaz, Jim Miller, Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian. He was stopped by then champion Frankie Edgar.

The two initially fought to a split Draw decision. Then 9 months later they had a rematch – in the 4th round of the rematch Frankie Edgar suceeded in KOing Maynard with punches.

While these results are a matter of the public record – what’s less known is that Maynard reportedly received just $26,000 for the 5 round title bout.

“Look man. I don’t expect you to understand my experiences working with the UFC. But I can assure you after my 1st title fight when I was only guaranteed $26k. Reality hit pretty hard and I started finding other ways to make money”


In economics, a monopsony is a market structure in which a single buyer substantially controls the market as the major purchaser of goods and services offered by many would-be sellers.

Maynard was thoroughly unamused by Dana White stans in his mentions. He addressed one revealing:
“No. He made money off my blood/sweat and paid me s*it. Still making money from a lot of my fights being replayed. I was on a pedestal because I worked my ass since I was 3 years when I started wrestling. He just pimps us out and takes most of the money”

He later added:
“Why because I thought that was funny? You know how many times I’ve heard Dana s*it on fighters and people in general. He brought all this on himself. To be honest, I think it’s really just the beginning”

Previously Maynard compared what he went through to what exotic dancers go through:
“People have no idea how ruthless this sport is business-wise. I mean people have no idea. We’re kind of like strippers – we get tipped out and we get a s*itty pay,” laughed Maynard.

“That was kind of how it worked. We had a bad contract, but that we would get a little bit of money afterwards and it was like what is this, a tip? You can’t guarantee us this cash? It happens all across the world its not just here. Promoters just get that power and all the guys just turn into numbers, they constantly think ‘how can we make the most off him.’

“It’s the wild wild west man, the wild west. We don’t know the numbers and everybody’s just trying to get what they can get on a small portion and not looking at the big picture.”