UFC veteran Jake Shields goes in hard on Dana White amidst domestic violence footage

UFC veteran Jake Shields has expressed a lot of interesting opinions on social media. But given the ease with which Shields took up defending Andrew Tate from his organized crime accusations, nobody expected Shields to gloat over Dana White’s recent issues.

White was videoed in a volatile altercation with his longtime wife at a night club in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico over the New Year’s Eve.

While many speculated about White’s job security after the incident, given how UFC’s parent company is rather woke seldom any UFC athletes piped in with Derek Brunson even going so far as to say:

“If I post my meme I’m getting fired, start me a gofundme and I’ll do it”

But Shields is running on the wings of a recent ban from the UFC Performance Institute (over an altercation with Mike Jackson) and went on to reveal some of White’s scorched Earth tactics towards UFC athletes that displease him.

It all started with Shields saying:

“Fighters are the most loyal people in the world and I don’t see a single one defending Dana That tells you all you need to know about him”

Shields went on to explain White is no stranger to retaliation and how he often behaves with his talent.


Shields went on to remind his followers of a widely publicized scandal in which White’s mother wrote a book and accused him of having countless affairs and lacking in core moral principles.

However, his mother June White may have a different perspective on the UFC president based on her experiences. In her 2011 book, “Dana White, King of MMA: Dana White an unauthorized biography,” she described how White’s personality and actions underwent a dramatic change as he experienced success.

June White lamented the loss of the “wonderful son” and “true friend” Dana White once was. She also emphasised how White has always had support from his friends and family in every circumstance. But she also lamented that after he had achieved success, White was too ungrateful to return their kindness.

She wrote, “Dana’s friends and family were always there to help and support him, no matter what the circumstances. As Dana’s success grew and the circumstances of life changed for him, he did not do the same for them.”

June White’s sadness is understandable considering that she had to see her adored son go from being a “lovely person” to a tyrannical, cold-hearted person.

June White expressed her surprise over what was causing such a significant change in her son’s persona. She listed three factors, claiming that one of them was the reason for White’s deteriorating demeanour.

June White penned, “It’s hard to say if what changed him so utterly was the extreme amount of money he came into so quickly, the influence of those around him or how suddenly he could make or break so many people.”

She then wrote: “Power may create ugly beasts.”

Dana White's mother June with the book she wrote
Dana White’s mother June with the book she wrote

Shields went on to detail what exactly a financial punishment entails saying:

“They can drop you off at any time. They say I either cut you or you take 30% pay cut. They do this all the time and fans get mad when a fighter ask for more money when in contact.”

One obvious example of UFC doing something like this would be in case of Paulo Costa. Costa has been asked to headline an event against Robert Whittaker in Australia for just $70,000 (show plus $70,000 if he wins).

Of course Costa hasn’t been too afraid to poke fun at the big boss on social media including one particularly damning photoshop session.