UFC Vegas Highlights: Tyson Nam gets stunned with front kick, goes out after submission attempt

In a highly-anticipated preliminary bout at UFC Las Vegas, Bruno “Bulldog” Silva took on Tyson Nam in a thrilling matchup. Both entered the cage with wins on their records, with Silva coming off two straight victories and Nam fresh off a win against Ode Osbourne.

Round One

From the opening bell, Silva established himself as a threat with his left hand, landing clean shots on Nam’s guard. The Brazilian then landed a spinning back fist that connected but did little to deter Nam’s pressure. Nam received a warning for outstretched fingers, which he had to be mindful of for the rest of the event. The two then traded leg kicks, with both looking to gain an advantage.

Silva briefly attempted a takedown, but Nam defended well and countered with a right hand. Silva responded with a short combination, and the two continued to exchange strikes. Nam landed a right hand, and Silva retreated against the fence, where Nam trapped him and landed more punches.

Round Two

In the second round, Silva started strong, landing a front kick to Nam’s jaw that sent him to the ground. Silva quickly followed and went into Nam’s guard, and when Nam tried to get back up, Silva locked in a RNC while still standing. The two went back to the ground, and Silva secured the submission, forcing Nam to tap out.

The technical submission victory for Silva was an impressive performance that showcased his striking and grappling abilities. With this win, Silva improves his record to 2-0 in the UFC and further solidifies his position as a rising star in the promotion.